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A Pair of Blue Eyes by Thomas Hardy (Free Audio Book)



A PAIR OF BLUE EYES by THOMAS HARDY – A free audiobook


Narrated by Tadhg

A Pair of Blue Eyes is a story about the complicated relationships that love can build up in a span of seconds. This is a story about love in its most complicated form: as a love triangle. The tale focuses on the tumultuous relationships between a young woman named Elfride Swancourt and the two men vying for her love. Her two suitors cannot be farther apart from each other as one man, Stephen Smith, is a simple young man who is not high up in the social ladder. In fact, Stephen Smith was not born into riches yet he dreams of being a successful man and he shows the drive to achieve this. The other one is Henry Knight, a highly respectable and successful member of society and is everything Stephen struggles to be.

Their love story is a tale of heartache and turmoil amidst the backdrop of Victorian era London. Each of her suitors love her truly and each wants to prove themselves to be worthy of her heart. But does a young man with little to show for his name like Stephen Smith compete with a man that is everything that he aspires to be? Can Henry Knight create the same connection that Stephen has with Elfride, something that he longs for ever since? Elfride has the answer that these two men want and one of them will only find pain in that answers while the other one will discover sheer happiness.

You can listen below (it may take a moment to appear) or download here.




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