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A Spinner in the Sun by Myrtle Reed (Free Audio Book)



A SPINNER IN THE SUN by MYRTLE REED – A free audiobook


Narrated by Kerneweck

A Spinner in the Sun is a novel written by Myrtle Reed and was published in 1913. This is an old-fashioned love story and perfectly blends charm and humor to present a heartwarming tale that will surely put a smile on your face. Myrtle Reed has a penchant for creating characters that displays tenderness and humor while still being able to show pathos that adds to the realism of each character. In “A Spinner in the Sun” the story revolves around a solitary veiled lady and the air of mystery that surrounds her. The story is a mystery novel at heart with a love story thrown in. The characters in the novel are interesting and the plot itself is a well done take on the classic love story trope with the dash of mystery thrown in.


A Spinner in the Sun focuses on the story revolving around Evelina, a lady who lives alone and is always covered in a veil. What is she hiding underneath her veil and what is the reason for her living in solitude. This mysterious lady plucked the attention of one Piper Tom and he starts to find out more about this mysterious woman. As a patient suitor, Piper Tom needs to get through Evelina’s closed heart and try to win her over with his love.


You can listen below (it may take a moment to appear) or download here.




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