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Alice in Wonderland Quiz – Book Quizzes Online


  1. What was the real name of Lewis Carroll?
    • Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
    • Charles Leftwing Dossier
    • Charles Luftwaffe Dodger

  2. What was one of Lewis Carroll’s most celebrated nonsense poems?
    • The Hurting of the Stark
    • The Hurling of the Shark
    • The Hunting of the Snark

  3. Which of the following characters was NOT at the Mad Hatter’s teaparty?
    • Queen of Hearts
    • Dormouse
    • March hare

  4. which of the following phrases is synonymous with Alice?
    • Odder and odder
    • Curiouser and curiouser
    • Queerer and Queerer

  5. Under what title was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland originally released?
    • Alice’s Adventures Under Ground
    • Alice’s Adventures in the Rabbit Hole
    • Alice’s Adventures in Nonsenseland

  6. In the novel, what was Bill given to help him recover after Alice kicked him out of the chimney?
    • Brandy
    • Tea
    • Cake

  7. In which subject did Lewis Carroll gain a first class degree?
    • Classics
    • Mathematics
    • Geography

  8. Complete the Mad Hatter’s song, “Twinkle twinkle little …”?
    • Bat
    • Cat
    • Rat

  9. In which of the following years was Lewis Carroll born?
    • 1872
    • 1852
    • 1832

  10. In the novel, what happened when the frog footman and the Duchess bowed at each other?
    • Their heads clanged
    • Their curls entwined
    • Their hats fell off



1.Charles Lutwidge Dodgson 2. The Hunting of the Snark 3. Queen of Hearts 4. Curioser and curiouser 5. Alice’s Adventures Under Ground 6. Brandy 7. Mathematics 8. Bat 9. 1832 10. Their curls entwined


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