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Beowulf (Free Audio Book)



Beowulf is an Old-English epic poem telling the tale of the Scandinavian hero, Beowulf and his battles with monstrous creatures such as the savage Grendel. While the tale of Beowulf is set in Scandinavia the epic poem was written in England somewhere between the 8th and 11th centuries. Unfortunately, any details about its original author are a mystery. Many scholars believe that due to the themes of the poem it is most likely that it was penned sometime during the 8th century as the tale refers to Anglo-Saxon Paganism and makes no reference to modern Christianity.

The epic poem has long been an inspiration for writers as it is one of the earliest tales of heroes in history. It has been adapted through various mediums and has given birth to several pop culture icons such as the sci-fi movie Predator that borrows heavily on the Beowulf mythos.

Overall, this free audiobook of Beowulf does the job well enough as an introduction to interested audiences but this epic tale about a legendary hero is not without chinks in its armor.

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