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Diary of a Nobody Quiz – Book Quizzes Online


1. What was the surname of the diarist in The Diary of a Nobody?





2. Which of the following genres best describes The Diary of a Nobody?





3. No looking! What was the name of George Grossmith’s co-writer?





4. How were the Grossmith co-writers related?


 Husband and wife



5. What would be the most accurate way to describe the diarist?





6. When we first meet Charles what was his occupation?





7. What was the name of Charles’ son?





8. Complete the description of Charles’ friend Padge, ‘who appeared to be all… ‘?





9. Which of these words would best describe Charles?





10. Which of Charles’ friends best exemplified the late-Victorian fad for bicycling?






Answers to the Diary of a Nobody Quiz:

1.Charles Pooter 2. Comedy 3. Weedon 4. Brothers 5. Accident-prone 6. Clerk 7. Lupin 8. Moustache 9. Snobbish 10. Cummings



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