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Pinocchio (the adventures of) by Carlo Collodi (Free Audio Book)


Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi


Pinocchio is a wonderful and exciting story written by Carlo Collodi. Thanks to Disney it is one of the best-known stories in the world. The tale centers around a wooden marionette and his attempts to become a “real boy”. Throughout the story we can see Pinocchio gradually changing his behavior. At the beginning of the story we see Pinocchio selling his schoolbook, for which his father had to sacrifice his winter coat, in order to go to a marionette show.

Just like many other children’s novels, its theme is that of a naughty child who must learn to behave well, not just for his own sake but for the sake of others, especially his father. The story is full of moral lessons that teach both Pinocchio and us what we should and shouldn’t do.

The story is read by Mark F. Smith, who is a wonderful reader. His rhythm for the narration is clear and pleasing. You will definitely enjoy listening to this wonderful reading.

Listen to the Audio Book here (It may take a moment to appear):

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