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Sense and Sensibility Quiz – Book Quizzes Online


1. What was the surname of the sisters in Sense and Sensibility?





2. Who directed the 1995 film adaptation of Sense and Sensibility?

 Ang Lee

 Quentin Tarantino

 Emma Thompson


3. What was the name of the estate the sisters had to leave at the begining of Sense and Sensibility?





4. What was the name of the novel Jane Austen was unable to complete due to illness?

 First Impressions




5. When was Jane Austen born?





6. Which of the following characters did NOT appear in Sense and Sensibility?

 Charlotte Palmer

 Fanny Price

 Lucy Steele


7. In which of Jane Austen’s novels did she make fun of gothic fiction?

 Northanger Abbey


 Mansfield Park


8. What was the occupation of Jane Austen’s father?





9. Where did Jane Austen’s family move following her father’s retirement?





10. What were the first drafts of Sense and Sensibility called?

 Elinor and Marianne

 Rhyme and Reason

 The Dashwoods



Answers to the Sense and Sensibility Quiz:

1.Dashwood 2. Ang Lee 3. Norland 4. Sanditon 5. 1775 6. Fanny Price 7. Northanger Abbey 8. Rector 9. Bath 10. Elinor and Marianne



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