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The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne (Free Audio Book)

jules verne collection

The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne, read by Mark F. Smith

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The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne is a crossover sequel to his previous works; In Search of Castaways and the classic Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea. The novel was published in both French and English version at the same year, 1874. It follows the story of five Civil War prisoner escapees as they find themselves marooned on an unknown island when their means of escape, a hot air balloon, crashes.

The Mysterious Island audiobook could not have chosen a more fitting narrator for its tale of somber and suspenseful tale. Mark Smith gave an excellent performance with his deep and grave pacing and tempo. A little subtle and unintentional element that I really liked about this free audiobook edition was the faint audiobook feedback that is heard when the narrator is pausing. While certainly not on purpose it gave the story telling added dread and mystery, and when you include the reader’s line delivery everything just clicks into place perfectly. This is one of the few free audiobooks out there that can truly be an immersive experience for the listener.


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  jules verne collection