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The Pretty Lady (Free Audio Book)


The Pretty Lady by Arnold Bennett – A free audiobook


Read by Librivox

Narrated by Simon Evers

The Pretty Lady is a novel written by Arnold Bennett and is widely considered to be his most controversial work and a criminally overlooked novel. This is the free audiobook edition of the novel which is narrated by Simon Evers. The story focuses on Christine, a French prostitute, who started a new life in London after escaping her hometown of Osten which has been ravaged by war.

While technically a refugee, she refused any kind of help and decided that if she is to survive in this world she will do so with her own hands. While she has no desire in taking advantage of tired and war worn soldiers, her natural gift in doing business helped her in making the most out of every opportunity that come her way.

Bennett paints a realistic picture of a war-torn society. Easily divided and filled with mistrust, Arnold Bennett delivers a perfect representation of a time in the grips of war with everyone looking out for themselves.

You can listen below (it may take a moment to appear) or download here.