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Vocabulary Quiz 3 – Book Quizzes Online


1. Which of the following is ‘denial’?

 An African river

 A screw without grooves

 Refusing to accept the truth


2. Which of the following describes a lie told to spare someone’s feelings?

 Red lie

 Black lie

 White lie


3. What ‘C’ might you have if you were worried about doing something?

 Chilly willy

 Cold feet

 Chilled ears


4. In poker, clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades are known collectively as …?





5. Which ‘D’ is usually associated with equestrianism?





6. What does the Latin word ‘terra’ mean?





7. What type of ‘S’ is gazpacho?





8. ‘Proletariat’ relates to which of the following?





9. What does the word ‘veritable’ mean?





10. Which ‘P’ would you associate with pettitoes?







1. Refusing to accept the truth 2. White lie 3. Cold feet 4. Suits 5. Dressage 6. Earth 7. Soup 8. Class 9. True 10. Pigs



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