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Vocabulary Quiz 4 – Book Quizzes Online


1. What would a teetotaller abstain from?





2. Which of the following B’s are fired from a crossbow?



 Barbed insults


3. Which ‘G’ follows elbow to mean working hard?





4. Which T’s were typically worn by Romans?





5. When adding something at the bottom of a letter, what does ‘PS’ stand for?





6. What does the French word ‘chien’ mean in English?





7. What does the French word ‘chat’ mean in English?





8. If you met a grifter what would they attempt to do?

 Clean you

 Con you

 Convert you


9. On which animal would you be most likely to find a surcingle?





10. Which ‘B’ is sometimes called the rat kangaroo?







1. Alcohol 2. Bolt 3. Grease 4. Togas 5. Postscript 6. Dog 7. Cat 8. Con you 9. Horse 10. Bettong



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