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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the readers humans or computers?

Our audio books are read by humans, all with a passion and love for literature.

Where are the readers from?

They are mostly, although not exclusively, from the UK and North America.

You mention the books are unabridged, what does that actually mean?

You will be listening to the full book as written by the author. There will be no parts of the story removed.

Where do the free audio books come from?

Many of our free audio books are available freely in the public domain and some are in-house productions of out of copyright novels. Many of the audio books come from Librivox. A wonderful organization recording and putting out of copyright works into the public domain for everyone to hear.
The quality of the librivox recordings are variable. We aim to bring you the best ones we find.

I would like to record an audiobook. How can I go about it?

The best thing you can do is find out more from librivox. It’s a friendly and burgeoning community: