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Jane Eyre Quiz – Book Quizzes Online


1. What was the first name of Jane Eyre’s employer Mr Rochester?





2. Who became Jane Eyre’s benefactor when she left Thornfield?

 Richard Mason

 Mr Lloyd

 St John Rivers


3. How was Georgina Reed related to Jane Eyre?





4. Which charcter in Jane Eyre joined a convent and eventually became Mother Superior?





5. Which of Jane Eyre’s teachers at Lowood School was actually kind?

 Miss Scatcherd

 Mr Brocklehurst

 Miss Temple


6. Under what pseudonym did Charlotte Bronte first publish Jane Eyre?

 Charlotte Palmer

 Fanny Price

 Currer Bell


7. Who played Jane in the 1970 film version of Jane Eyre?

 Susannah York

 Charlotte Gainsbourg

 Joan Fontaine


8. Which of these horror films was based on Jane Eyre?

 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

 The Seventh Victim

 I Walked with a Zombie


9. Who starred as Mr Rochester in the 1944 film version of Jane Eyre?

 Laurence Olivier

 Orson Welles

 John Wayne


10. Who co-wrote the screenplay for the same 1944 film version of Jane Eyre?

 Aldous Huxley

 George Orwell

 Ray Bradbury



Answers to the Jane Eyre Quiz:

1.Edward 2. St John Rivers 3. Cousin 4. Eliza 5. Miss Temple 6. Currer Bell 7. Susannah York 8. I Walked with a Zombie 9. Orson Welles 10. Aldous Huxley



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