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A Florida Sketch-Book by Bradford Torrey (Free Audio Book)





A Florida Sketchbook is an impressive collection and documentation of all the natural flora and fauna that can be found in Florida. This list was compiled during the late 19th century by Massachusetts based environmentalist, Bradford Torrey and offers a glimpse into the wide ranging ecosystem of Florida. This free audiobook edition compiles lists of essays that details every organism in this environment. A Florida Sketchbook is a handy audiobook for those wishing to learn about the biome in Florida for study purposes or simply feeding of the mind. The vocabulary used in this audiobook is quite dated but the readers are able to pronounce the words impeccably. While not all narrators offer top notch performance, the overall results are still quite impressive and this is a solid educational audiobooks for interested parties.

Bradford Torrey was a U.S. Ornithologist and devoted most of his life to studying the various plants and animals that live within Florida. He has been a constant contributor for periodicals and has published several books about his studies. A Florida Sketchbook might be a tad difficult to understand as it still uses the old English way of speaking. As such, it might not be the best choice for modern listeners until it is edited to suit today’s grammar. Nonetheless, A Florida Sketchbook offers an in depth look of the ecosystem found in Florida by one of the state’s top ornithologist and in the most detailed method possible.

Narrated by LibriVox Volunteers

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