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A Mysterious Disappearance by Louis Tracy (Free Audio Book)





Narrated by Carolin Ksr

A Mysterious Disappearance is an amazing call back to classic tales of mystery. It tells the story of the disappearance of Lady Dyke and the circumstances that surround this incident. The main story follows Claude Bruce, a barrister and an aspiring detective as he tries to get all pieces of the puzzle and solve the strange disappearance of Lady Dyke. After a few days, a body washes ashore by the river bank and Claude hurries to find anything that might shed light to Lady Dyke’s disappearance and find out what happened to her. More questions arise as he gets deeper and deeper into the world the Lady Dyke lives in. A certain and mysterious Sydney H. Corbett seems to always crop up whenever he gets closer to finding out about the disappearance. There is also the Lady’s maid who also disappeared shortly after the disappearance.

Claude follows the clues that the investigators seem to miss in the hopes to find the Lady Dyke in time. Carolin Ksr manages to create a thrilling performance that will really make your heart race as the mystery of the disappearance slowly unravels. The Mysterious Disappearance follows the classic structure of old school mystery novels and will surely delight fans of the genre with its clear homage to the classics. This free audiobook has it all for a truly enjoyable and thrilling listen. It has a perfect blend of humor and suspense that is always an entertaining blend.

You can listen below (it may take a moment to appear) or download here.




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