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A Witch Shall Be Born by Robert E. Howard (Free Audio Book)





Narrated by Librivox Cast

This fantasy novel by Robert E. Howard is centered on a story of intrigue, betrayal, magic and bloody battles. Set in the land of Khauran, a small yet rich kingdom filled with rich soil and kind and loyal inhabitants. The land of Khauran is ruled by a young queen who is as wise as she is strikingly beautiful. Unfortunately, the land will soon fall under disarray as the queen’s long lost sister arrives secretly and overthrows her from the throne. The evil twin sister of the queen immediately started a rule of debauchery and the kingdom soon came under dark times under her iron fist. Human sacrifices and devil worship soon pervade through the once beautiful kingdom of Khauran.

Elsewhere, Conan, the legendary barbarian and conqueror who was the captain guard of the true queen is captured, beaten and crucified in the middle of the desert. Somehow, he survived this ordeal and quickly plans on how to save their true queen from the clutches of her evil sister and find a way to bring back the light into their beloved kingdom that has fallen into the darkest pits of Hell. Robert E. Howard once again brings to life a world full of wonder and sorcery with the continuation of his epic Conan saga. A Witch Shall Be Born contains all the exciting elements of the Conan series and is a real treat for fans of fantasy novels.

You can listen below (it may take a moment to appear) or download here.



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