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Abandoned by William Clark Russell (Free Audio Book)





Narrated by Patti Cunningham

Abandoned is a novel written by William Clark Russell and was published in 1908. It tells the relationship between Lucretia Lane and her husband Francis Reynolds who is a captain of the British Merchant Service. Their love story begins in the most atypical manner as while Captain Francis Reynolds lover Lucretia deeply, the same cannot be said the other way around Lucretia has a severe disdain for the captain for reasons yet unknown. In spite of her feelings she still goes through with the marriage but refuses to live under one roof with her new husband. On the day Francis Reynold is scheduled to come back home, she receives dire message that will change the course of her life forever.

A letter arrives from Francis Reynolds stating that he was gravely injured and is dying. His last request is to see his wife one last time. Without a moment wasted, Lucretia boards the next ship and hurriedly goes to her husband’s side. This is where the real story begins. A story that will span almost a decade and filled with loathing, a love found and lost and redemption. Abandoned is an amazing tale of love that shows how it can truly conquer the darkness in one’s self. Patti Cunningham gave a terrific performance that gave life to Lucretia Lane and fully rounded the character’s journey from beginning to end.

You can listen below (it may take a moment to appear) or download here.



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