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Agatha Webb by Anna Katharine Green (Free Audio Book)





Narrated by Full Cast

Agatha Webb was well-respected and beloved by all who had the pleasure of meeting her. This is why it is all the more shocking when news broke out that Agatha had been murdered in cold blood. Several suspects were pointed as the investigation begins. Could it be Agatha’s own husband who did the unspeakable deed for the inexcusable reason of money? Could it be the cook of the house as he died the very same night? And if it was him, what was the reason? Another name the came to light was the wealthy Mr. Fredrick who after the discovery ran to the woods and has yet to be seen. Miss Page wants to get to the bottom of this tragedy as the young servant girl is also the lover of Mr. Fredrick and she does not believe that Fredrick can do such a horrible crime. Unfortunately for Miss Page, she is dissuaded by male investigators to partake in the analysis of the case seeing as she is a woman even if she shows great talent and eye for detail.

Agatha Webb is murder-mystery audiobook that is read by a full cast. It is also one of the finely written novels that can be considered to be on the feminist fiction genre for its character Miss Page. A well written and well acted audiobook.

You can listen below (it may take a moment to appear) or download here.




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