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Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte (Free Audio Book)



AGNES GREY by ANNE BRONTE – A free audiobook


Narrated by Melissa

Agnes Grey is the titular character of this classic drama novel by Anne Bronte that is now brought to the audience as a free audiobook. The audiobook tells the story of young Agnes Grey, a minister’s daughter whose family is facing a financial crisis. During this desperate point of her life, Agnes Grey finds hope as he lands a job that is prevalent to young women during the Victorian era, a governess. A governess is someone who watches over the children of the wealthy and teaches them the necessary values needed for them to become respectable members of society in the future. She then heads off as she works for two very different families, the Murrays and the Bloomfields. During her time with both wealthy families, Agnes Grey will learn the tough lessons that young women like her faces during this era as a governess. The children that she watches over does not make things easy as they proved to be an unruly bunch. Spoiled by the wealth of their family, these children have grown to get whatever they want and it is up to Agnes to straighten them out and in turn teach them a valuable lesson in life as well.

This audiobook edition of the novel tackles the effects of excess and decadence on human society and how unsupervised and irresponsibility of wealth can corrupt children just as bad. Agnes Grey goes through the trials and tribulation of life and it is up to her if she will let it beat her or make her stronger.

You can listen below (it may take a moment to appear) or download here.




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