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Alice Adams by Booth Tarkington (Free Audio Book)





Narrated by Jeannie

Alice Adams is a Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Booth Tarkington and was published in 1921. The novel follows the story of young Alice Adams as she dreams of a better life for her family. Alice Adams is from a lower middle class mid-western American family and as society enters the 20th century, things became more difficult. This novel gives a stark picture of life in 20th century America from the eyes of lower middle class citizen. Alice herself is not without faults but this instead makes her into a more interesting and relatable protagonist. Alice Adams does whatever she can in order to elevate her family’s social status even if it means lying to her teeth as she dreads for people to know her current financial status as she rubs elbows with society’s elites. Her determination in this endeavor and boundless optimism rounds of her character well and in the end readers has taken a liking to Ms. Alice Adams. Her ambition mirror’s ours so well and her resolve to pursue her dreams is a great encouragement for us. While we may not completely agree with some of her methods, it does not obscure the fact the Alice Adams is a perfect picture of determination.

This free audiobook edition of Alice Adams is read by Jeannie and she does a fantastical job of not only capturing the sass and will of Alice but also her vulnerabilities and insecurities. This is a timeless tale of the unhealthy focus on social status but also a reminder that we can also find treasures in the dirt.

You can listen below (it may take a moment to appear) or download here.




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