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Alien: Out of the Shadows Audiobook Review


Alien: Out of the Shadows by Tim Lebbon and Dirk Maggs

Alien: Out of the Shadows – Audiobook Review


  • Author: Tim Lebbon and Dirk Maggs
  • Narrated by: Rutger Hauer , Corey Johnson ,Matthew Lewis , Kathryn Drysdale , Laurel Lefkow ,Andrea Deck  and Mac McDonald
  • Length: 4 hours and 31 minutes
  • Unabridged
  • Genre: Science Fiction

Download or CD available to BUY at Amazon.


Alien: Out of the Shadows – Audio Book Summary:


Chris Hooper always dreamt of monsters as a child. But as he grew up he learned that there are no monsters under the bed or within the closet. No, they hide deep in the darkest reaches of the universe. Now an adult and working as a space miner, Hooper spends his days in the vast black vacuum of space alongside his fellow miners. This is what it means to be alone, he thought to himself. Nothing can be more terrifying than the utter isolation that space can overwhelm the senses. Unfortunately for Hooper and his fellow miners, they will soon learn that there is something more terrifying hiding in the darkness of space.

They are assigned to a distant and harsh planet known as LV178 to mine trimonite, the hardest known material. However, things began spiraling down when a shuttle crashes into their mining ship the Marion. The impact opened a labyrinthine cavern deep within the planet where the team stumbles into a nest of xenomorph eggs that have been hibernating for God knows how long waiting for new hosts. Now, it has found its hosts and the fight for survival begins. Hooper now believes there are monsters out there. And he also learns that their hope lies with the sole survivor of the salvage ship Nostromo, Ellen Ripley.

One reason to listen:
If you love the Alien franchise then you will definitely like this audiobook. It returns to its roots as a nail biting thriller that relies more on tension building than loud jump scares.


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“I listened to it once, then again- excited with each incident, thanks to actors like Rutger Haur, Corey Johnson, Matthew Lewis and the almost duplicate voice talent of Laurel Lefkow, as Ripley. She was on point, sounding just like Sigourney Weaver!” – Alyssa


“It has really great performance by all voice actors! One of the voice actors, Andrea Deck (Doctor Kasyanov in this audio performance) also voiced the main character in the video game, Alien: Isolation, which I thought was pretty cool!” – Dave


“I really enjoyed it, it felt a lot like an Alien film. The woman who plays Ripley is spot on.” – Kelvington


“I really can’t recommend this enough. For Alien fans, whether you have read the novel or not, you will be immersed right from the beginning. The story, surprisingly enough, works…” – Jessica


“This is as much an audio movie as it as a movie of the mind and it’s scarily effective. Be sure to listen to this one with a good set of headphones to fully appreciate the layers and depth that went into constructing this audio drama, but be careful not to fall off the edge of your seat.” – Audiobook Reviewer

Score on Audible: 4.5 out of 5
Score on Amazon: 5.0 out of 5

Download or CD available to BUY at Amazon.


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