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American Indian Fairy Tales by William Trowbridge Larned (Free Audio Book)


American Indian Fairy Tales

American Indian Fairy Tales by William Trowbridge Larned – A free audiobook


Narrated by Chip

This audiobook is a collection of well-known stories told by Native Americans from one generation to another. As the Native Americans have no written language in their culture, their history and wisdom are passed down using tales that, underneath the wonders and magical creatures, are all rooted on a deeper meaning. Each tribe has their own unique tales and each teaches a different value and history. During the 1930’s as the Native American culture continues to diminish due to the American civilization spreading on their land, government Indian Agent and ethnologist Henry R. Schoolcraft studied the language of the Indians and went on to write down and collect all of their tales in order to help ensure that their culture can be preserved.

While these collected stories are often viewed by the Western civilization as mere fairy tales, the fact is that each story has their own gravitas when it comes to telling the culture of a society that has long since disappeared. It is filled with insights to their way of life and beliefs that is vital for people to understand and respect. These tales are not just children’s fairy tales but are historical treasures that must be preserved. American Indian Fairy Tales is an exhaustively researched collection of stories that paints a colorful and vivid life to a culture that has disappeared but never forgotten.

You can listen below (it may take a moment to appear) or download here.




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