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Amusement Only by Richard Marsh (Free Audio Book)


Amusement Only Audio CD

Amusement Only by Richard Marsh – A free audiobook


Narrated by Full Cast (Librivox Readers)

This audiobook is a collection of 12 short stories that, as the title suggests, are all for amusement only. Richard Marsh crafts a collection of tale that that focuses on different subjects. Each tale has their own unique atmosphere making this audiobook quite a rollercoaster ride as none seems to be connected and each tells a different story using different styles. While one story might be humorous the next one is not and is actually quite a serious or maybe even suspenseful affair. This is one of the strengths of Richard Marsh’s Amusement Only. It is a puzzle wherein the pieces never seem to fit each other but if you look at it from afar you will see that it is perfect just the way it is.

Richard Marsh first published this collection of interesting stories in 1901. This free audiobook edition is narrated by various talented readers from Librivox. Having several readers take on this work is a smart choice as each story is vastly different from one another and having them narrated by different people helps separate each even further. If you are looking for an audiobook that just exudes variety then Amusement Only is a worthwhile try. Just like the title says, this is a collection of short stories for those who wishes to be amused.

You can listen below (it may take a moment to appear) or download here.




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