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And Then the Town Took Off by Richard Wilson (Free Audio Book)


And Then the Town Took Off Audiobook

And Then the Town Took Off by Florence Richard Wilson – A free audiobook


Narrated by Tom Weiss

This hilarious science fiction audiobook written by Florence Richard Wilson somewhat takes the nuttiness of human society and mix it in a pot with science fiction and create a weirdly funny story titled “And Then the Town Took Off”.

The story takes place in a little town in Ohio called Superior. It is a rather sleepy town with nothing much going for it even with its remarkable name. However, in a single day everything changed and Superior transformed from being a backwoods town into the talk of the world. How did all this happen in such quick fashion? Well, if your quiet little town decided to ignore the laws of gravity and rises above ground, let’s just say that is a feat that is not easily done.

In the middle of this historical event is Don Cort. Cort planned to leave the town soon but it seems that fate is not on his side with his decision. As the townsfolk accepted their predicament and are promised that their floating island is temporary they continued on with their life. A couple of weeks gone by though and it slowly dawns upon them that this sky surfing may take longer than what they originally thought. It is up to Don Cort to find a way to anchor Superior back to Earth or spend his remaining days in the one place he really doesn’t want to be in.

You can listen below (it may take a moment to appear) or download here.




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