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Basil by Wilkie Collins (Free Audio Book)


Basil by Wilkie Collins Audiobook

Basil by Wilkie Collins – A free audiobook


Read by Librivox Group

Basil is the son of a wealthy family whose father is as strict as he is powerful. He believes that his son must only marry a woman who is on par with their own social status and would never allow Basil to have a relationship with someone below their pedigree. However, as love is known to do, Basil experiences love at first sight with a girl he sees on bus.

Basil follows the beautiful young girl through the streets and discovers she is Margaret Sherwin, the daughter of a simple linen draper. Knowing that his father would never allow their relationship, he instead spoke to Margaret’s father and asks him her daughter’s hand in marriage, but in secret. Margaret’s father agrees but with one condition, they must wait a year before their union as Margaret is still 17 years of age. Basil agrees and within that one year their relationship bloomed even when hidden in the shadows.

Things suddenly change when the mysterious Mannion returns. Mannion was a mystery, especially to Basil, as he cannot read Mannion’s emotions as he appears to have none. On the night before Basil and Margaret’s marriage, he sees Mannion and Margaret walking together. Following them, he is shocked to find both committing a crime.

You can listen below (it may take a moment to appear) or download here.




Book versions to buy from Amazon:

Kindle Edition
Paperback – January 12, 2010
(French) Mass Market Paperback – October 3, 2005
Audio CD – August 31, 2009
Unknown Binding – 1898