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Beowulf Quiz – Book Quizzes Online


1. Where in the world was Beowulf set?


 South America

 S.E. Asia


2. Which of these monsters did Beowulf fight?





3. Who wrote Beowulf?

 Geoffrey Chaucer

 Hans Christian Andersen

 The author is unknown


4. Who played Beowulf in the Hollywood Blockbuster?

 Ray Winstone

 Ray Liotta

 Billy Ray Cyrus


5. Where is Beowulf believed mostly likely to have been written?





6. In the audio book, which King did Beowulf help after his hall was attacked by a monster?





7. Who played Queen Wealtheow in the 2007 film of Beowulf?

 Robin Wright Penn

 Angelina Jolie

 Sharisse Baker-Bernard


8. The only surviving manuscript (pictured at the top of the page) is believed to date from about … ?

 1010 AD

 505 AD

 606 BC


9. Which of the following best describes Beowulf’s religion?





10. Which of these actors did NOT appear in the 2007 film version of Beowulf?

 Anthony Hopkins

 John Malkovich

 Dominic West



Answers to the Beowulf Quiz:

1.Scandinavia 2. Grendel 3. The author is unknown 4. Ray Winstone 5. Britain 6. Hrothgar 7. Robin Wright Penn 8. 1010 AD 9. Pagan 10. Dominic West



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