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Divine Comedy Quiz – Book Quizzes Online


1. In which century was Dante’s Divine Comedy written?





2. What was Dante’s Hell made up of?





3. In which of the canticas did Dante NOT have Virgil as a guide?





4. What was the last word in each of the three parts of the Divine Comedy?





5. The Inferno began on the eve of which important day in the Christian calender?

 Easter Sunday

 Christmas Day

 Good Friday


6. How old was Dante at the beginning of the Inferno?





7. Who took Dante across the river Acheron and to Hell?





8. In the centre of hell who was in Satan’s middle mouth?





9. How was Dante’s Purgatory represented?





10. In Dante’s Heaven how many spheres were there?







1.14th 2. Circles 3. Heaven 4. Stars 5. Good Friday 6. 35 7. Charon 8. Judas 9. Mountain 10. 9



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