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Dracula by Bram Stoker (Free Audio Book)



The vampire legend was not created by Bram Stoker but Dracula was such a popular creation the myth of the vampire has been staked to the heart of the horror genre ever since. The audio book features a series of diary entries that give us an insight into the world of Dracula through his victims.

Readers (click to show)

Dracula The Readers…

  • Chapter 01 Kara Shallenberg
  • Chapter 02 Laura Fox
  • Chapter 03 Gord Mackenzie
  • Chapter 04 Michael Crowl
  • Chapter 05 R. Francis Smith
  • Chapter 06 R. Francis Smith
  • Chapter 07 Gord Mackenzie
  • Chapter 08 Ajikan81
  • Chapter 09 Marlo Dianne
  • Chapter 10 R. Francis Smith
  • Chapter 11 Hugh McGuire
  • Chapter 12 Marlo Dianne
  • Chapter 14 A.R. Dobbs
  • Chapter 15 David Barnes
  • Chapter 16 John Gonzales
  • Chapter 17 Jon Ingram
  • Chapter 18 Andrew Richards
  • Chapter 19 Alex Foster
  • Chapter 20 Paul
  • Chapter 21 R. Francis Smith
  • Chapter 22 Geetu Melwani
  • Chapter 23 Wedschild
  • Chapter 24 Kara Shallenberg
  • Chapter 25 R. Francis Smith
  • Chapter 26 Marlo Dianne
  • Chapter 27 Marlo Dianne

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Dracula 1st edition

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