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Full Dark, No Stars Audiobook Review


Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

Full Dark, No Stars – Audiobook Review


  • Author: Stephen King
  • Narrated by: Craig Wasson, Jessica Hecht
  • Length: 14 hours and 56 minutes
  • Unabridged
  • Genre: Contemporary/Fiction

Download or CD available to BUY at Amazon.


Full Dark, No Stars – Audio Book Summary:


Full Dark, No Stars is a veritable collection of intriguing and tantalizing short stories from master story teller Stephen King himself.

The first story is “1922” wherein an ordinary family man, Wilfred Leland James, talks of a “stranger” that lives within the psyche of very person. That “stranger” though will make an unwelcome presence in James’ and his family’s life when his wife, Arlette, proposes to sell of their home to move to Omaha. Sometimes, it is best to let well enough alone.

“Big Driver”, the second story, is a tale of revenge when writer Tess is assaulted by a stranger and left for dead in the woods of Massachusetts. Tess griped with rage plots her revenge on her attacker when she discovers another stranger, one that comes from deep within her mind and soul.

The third story, “Fair Extension”, is the shortest of the bunch but is certainly one that starts off with a bang and never stops until the bloody end. In it, a man makes a deal with the devil in order to survive cancer but the payment might not be worth it.

One reason to listen:
If you are looking for a collection of highly entertaining and thought provoking stories that are in digestible form then Stephen King’s “Full Dark, No Stars” is a great way to spend the night.


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“I would definitely recommend this one and even those of a younger crowd who may or may not have had the chance to read him; I would recommend it to them as well. Calculating all the stories together, I feel this is worthy of a 4 out of 5 stars.” – Robert “Dimndangr” Hicks


“This is an honest book. Each story seems to revolve around the theme that there is a monster inside each one of us.” – M. Sebourn


“FULL DARK, NO STARS is one Stephen King book I’m putting in my great list. It was absolutely enthralling and very, very frightening.” – Joseph Duncan


“Full Dark, No Stars” IS worth reading, but if you’re new to Stephen King, you’d be better off with the ten or twenty far superior works by the man that are already in print.” – Thomas A. Baker


“If you need an airport read for a layover feel free to read away if you’re looking for terror you’ll have to look elsewhere.” – Virginia Corley

Score on Audible: 4.1 out of 5
Score on Amazon: 4.3 out of 5

Download or CD available to BUY at Amazon.


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