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Initially named 2 – Book Quizzes Online


What are the full names of the initialled authors?


1. Jerome K. Jerome?





2. H.P. Lovecroft?

 Howard Phillips

 Henry Paul

 Herriot Patton


3. C.S. Lewis?

 Clive Staples

 Colin Stewart

 Corwin Sheridan


4. D.H. Lawrence?

 Drynon Hedley

 Duncan Hereford

 David Herbert


5. C.S. Forester

 Calvin Spencer

 Cecil Scott

 Christopher Sydney


6. G.K. Chesterton?

 Grenville Kilmore

 George Kennedy

 Gilbert Keith


7. T.S. Eliot?

 Thomas Stearns

 Tallimore Stevens

 Terence Scott


8. E.W. Hornung?

 Ernest William

 Eric Walter

 Endred Warren


9. F. Scott Fitzgerald?





10. J.P. Donleavy?

 James Patrick

 Jeffrey Pelham

 Jocelyn Percy




1. Jerome Klapka Jerome 2. Howard Phillips Lovecroft 3. Clive Staples Lewis 4. David Herbert Lawrence 5. Cecil Scott Forester 6. Gilbert Keith Chesterton 7. Thomas Stearns Eliot 8. Ernest William Hornung 9. Francis Scott Fitzgerald 10. James Patrick Donleavy



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