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Initially named – Book Quizzes Online


What are the full names of the initialled authors?


1. J.G. Ballard?

 John George

 Jeremy Geoffrey

 James Graham


2. R.M. Ballantyne?

 Robert Michael

 Richard Mitchell

 Riley Martin


3. W.H. Auden?

 Weldon Humphrey

 Wyston Hugh

 Woodrow Hubert


4. W.B. Yeats?

 Wilbur Barry

 William Butler

 Westby Barnaby


5. P.C. Wren

 Paxton Calvin

 Peter Caradoc

 Percival Christopher


6. P.G. Wodehouse?

 Pelham Grenville

 Pentonville George

 Preston Gawain


7. H.G. Wells?

 Horatio Gilbert

 Herbert George

 Henry Gertrude


8. J.R.R. Tolkien?

 John Ronald Revel

 Jeremy Richard Reuben

 Justin Reeve Ripley


9. A.J.P. Taylor?

 Andy Johnstone Peregrine

 Alan Jeffrey Percival

 Arthur Jeremy Penwortham


10. C.P. Snow?

 Casio Pomphrey

 Casey Pelham

 Charles Percy




1.James Graham 2. Robert Michael 3. Wyston Hugh 4. William Butler 5. Percival Christopher 6. Pelham Grenville 7. Herbert George 8. John Ronald Revel 9. Alan John Percival 10. Charles Percy



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