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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (Free Audio Book)

Charlotte Bronte Collection

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Jane Eyre or as it was initially published; Jane Eyre: An Autobiography is a novel that was written by Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre is often categorized to be in the bildungsroman genre or widely known as a coming of age story. It follows the story of the titular character, Jane Eyre, as she explores sexuality, religion, and classism as well as proto feminism.

The story focuses on the main protagonist’s gradual growth as a woman and as an individual. Charlotte Bronte was also one of the first to truly explore the balance between religion and individualism and the moral balancing act the Jane must perform in order achieve moral responsibility and worldly contentment.

Jane Eyre is one that requires a specific gender for the role of the narrator/reader in an audiobook. Fortunately, this free audiobook edition of the classic tale Jane Eyre chose a singular female reader to bring the story to life in audiobook form. The reader also appears to be quite experienced when it comes to the art of storytelling as she knows when to include slight pauses and jumps in her tempo to both increase and heighten the emotions that the protagonist is currently experiencing. These types of qualities make for a good narrator The reader is definitely able to embody all the traits of Jane Eyre while still being able to perform her duty as the narrator of the tale. This is truly one of the best free audiobook versions of the classic novel bar none.