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Neverwhere Audiobook Review


Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Neverwhere – Audiobook Review


  • Author: Neil Gaiman
  • Narrated by: Nail Gaiman
  • Length: 12 hours and 37 minutes
  • Unabridged
  • Genre: Fantasy/Contemporary

Download or CD available to BUY at Amazon.


Neverwhere – Audio Book Summary:


Neil Gaiman presents another one of a kind tale filled with the unknown and the fantastical. The story focuses on a businessman named Richard Mayhew who is currently living in a flat in London. With a beautiful but hot headed fiancé and a dead end job, Mayhew’s life is anything but exciting. That is until he sees a young woman at a random side walk bleeding.

After the faithful encounter Richard discovers that the London he is living in now is not the same that it was the day before. It is now a city filled with demons, angels, saints and killers. In this subterranean city danger could be lurking on every corner and choosing who to trust can lead to either life or death. The girl he met, Door, is an inhabitant of this strange world and it is up to Richard to bring her back home if he wants to go back home himself. But a shadowy figure is doing everything in its power to stop Door from getting home.

Neil Gaiman presents this dark tale himself and is a must have for any fantasy fan out there.

One reason to listen:
A dark fantasy offered in a way only Neil Gaiman can. Smart, imaginative and dark with Gaiman’s impeccable flair for intriguing characters and familiar yet strange world.


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“Neverwhere grows on you in ways you don’t expect. Each scene produces something so magical, so wondrous, that you feel like a child seeing a rabbit being pulled out of a hat for the very first time.” – Wynreader


“This was such an enjoyable listen. It has a bit of the Harry Potter flair. The reader is excellent which is mandatory for me – I can barely tolerate some readers.” –Wes


“What an amazingly creative story Gaiman has written! A product of a profoundly gifted imagination, it will captivate readers who enjoy a bit of fantasy, a bit of science fiction.” – The Wandering Jew


“It’s very different, not like Harry Potter, at all. I can see why the critics like it, because it is so different..” – AREVIEW


“I absolutely love listening to Neil Gaiman read his books. He infuses each character with their unique voices and really brings the book to life.” – S. Person

Score on Audible: 4.4 out of 5
Score on Amazon: 4.4 out of 5

Download or CD available to BUY at Amazon.


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