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News From Nowhere by William Morris (Free Audio Book)


News From Nowhere by William Morris Audiobook

News From Nowhere by William Morris – A free audiobook


Narrated by Elizabeth Klett

News from Nowhere is a classic science fiction work that was written by William Morris and published in 1890. The story centers on William Guest as he arrives from a meeting with the Socialist League. Tired from the activities of the day, William Guest promptly falls asleep once he arrives at his abode. However, once he awoke from his slumber he is shocked to discover that he is in a world vastly different from what he knew.

He inexplicably wakes to find himself in a future society that whose laws are based upon common ownership and the democratic control of the means of production. In this world William discovers that there are no such thing as authority, no class systems, no prisons and no large sprawling cities. The agrarian society functions simply because the people find pleasure in nature and hence find pleasure in their work.

William Morris uses this science fiction platform in order to tackle an issue for which he believes all work should be creative and pleasurable in order for people to fully maximize production. This free audiobook is narrated by Elizabeth Klett.

You can listen below (it may take a moment to appear) or download here.




Book versions to buy from Amazon:

Kindle Edition
Hardcover – July 25, 2007
Unknown Binding – 1966