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Ragged Dick by Horatio Alger, Jr. (Free Audio Book)



Ragged Dick by Horatio Alger, Jr. – A free audiobook


Narrated by Alys AtteWater

Horatio Alger, Jr. was one of the first to popularize the “rags to riches” stories with his series of books that tells of the “American Dream”. This free audiobook adaptation of one of his first and most popular novel, Ragged Dick, is now available for free from Librivox and is narrated by Alys AtteWater. The story of Ragged Dick centers on the protagonist, Dick Hunter, a bootblack that lives in the slums as he decides to grow up as a respectable gentleman and achieve his goals in life.

This is the classic tale of a man’s journey from the very bottom of society to the top with the help of his friends and using his will, hard work and honesty as he climbs his way to success. This is an inspiring story of how hard work and kindness can help us reap our just reward and that no matter how hard life has dealt its cards if you never give up hope you will be able to overcome everything.

You can listen below (it may take a moment to appear) or download here.




Book versions to buy from Amazon:

Kindle Edition
Hardcover – May 30, 2008
Audible Audio Edition – Unabridged
Unknown Binding – December 31, 2007