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The Bacchae (Free Audio Book)


The Bacchae by Euripides – A free audiobook


Read by Librivox

The classic tale of Dionysus written by Euripides gets a free audiobook adaptation. Narrated by Tony Addison, The Bacchae is an unrelenting tale of madness that hides underneath calm and serene faced. Dionysus is a God who came to Thebes in order to punish those who refused to worship him and take part in his rites and practices.

Dionysus is a spiteful god who drove his aunts insane and even lured his cousin into a trap that aimed to humiliate his cousin, Pentheus, before forcing Pentheus’ mother to kill her son. The Bacchae is a horrific yet strangely mesmerizing tale of a time long lost into the history books.

You can listen below (it may take a moment to appear) or download here.