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Uller Uprising by H. Beam Piper (Free Audio Book)


Uller Uprising by H. Beam Piper Audiobook

Uller Uprising by H. Beam Piper – A free audiobook


Narrated by Librivox Group

The Uller Uprising is a science fiction novel written by H. Beam Piper. Like most of Piper’s works, the Uller Uprising is based upon actual events in human history. In this case, the Sepov Mutiny that led to the massacre of a British Colony in India called Cawnpore. The Uller Uprising centers on the conflict between a human overlord and the alien population that the humans have enslaved.

The Uller Uprising is a unique science fiction entrant in its time as it features a story wherein the antagonist is given to a human. This free audiobook edition of the Uller Uprising inverts what the majority perceives as normal and makes the reader think. Not only is this audiobook a smart story that is taken from actual history with a twist, it is also a great tool that critics human nature and society.

You can listen below (it may take a moment to appear) or download here.




Book versions to buy from Amazon:

Kindle Edition
Paperback – September 17, 2012
Audible Audio Edition – Unabridged
Mass Market Paperback – May 5, 1955
MP3 CD – 1923