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WAR OF THE WORLDS – A Live Theatrical Radio Drama (Free Audio Book)


war of the worlds

War of the Worlds – A Live Theatrical Radio Drama Experience

A very special presentation commemorating the 75th anniversary of the beloved Orson Wells radio broadcast that chilled the whole nation, based of course, on the original 1898 sci-fi literature classic by H.G. Wells.



Created by

Play written by Howard Koch
Directed by Derek Dirlam
Produced by: The Historic Mounds Theatre
Creative and Tech Direction: Sal V ‘thedarkcloak’ N
Sound Design: Sal V ‘thedarkcloak’ N & Steve Larson
Graphics: Sal V ‘thedarkcloak’ N
Final Mix Audio Engineering & Producing: Sal V ‘thedarkcloak’ N & Steve Larson




David Booth – Foley Artist, Secretary of the Interior & others
Heather Burmeister – Carla Phillips & others
Tim Como – Mr. Wilmuth, Lead Stranger & others
Derek Dirlam – Foley Assist & Announcer 3
Jason Kornelis – Announcer 2 & others
Margaret McDonald – Announcer 1 & others
Aaron Ruder – Brad Nailer PI, Captain Lansing, Air Commander & others
Patrick Sheehy – Prof. Pierson, Orson Welles, Ensemble