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Who Wrote What 3? – Book Quizzes Online


1. Who wrote ‘The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’?

 Douglas Adams

 Ray Bradbury

 Isaac Asimov


2. Which children’s author wrote ‘The Enormous Crocodile’?

 Roald Dahl

 Hans Christian Andersen

 Enid Blyton


3. On whose short story was the movie ‘Minority Report’ based?

 Ray Bradbury

 Philip K. Dick

 John Wyndham


4. Which author wrote ‘Porno’?

 John Cleland

 William Boyd

 Irvine Welsh


5. Who was the author of the book ‘Stupid White Men’?

 Stephen Hawking

 Michael Moore

 George Bush


6. Who wrote the novel ‘Doctor Zhivago’?

 Leo Tolstoy

 Alexander Pushkin

 Boris Pasternak


7. Which author wrote ‘The Unbearable Likeness of Being’?

 Joanne Harris

 Donna Tartt

 Milan Kundera


8. Who was the author of the children’s book ‘Charlotte’s Web’?

 E.B. Black

 E.B. White

 E.B. Red


9. Who wrote the children’s story ‘The Phoenix and the Carpet’?

 E. Nesbit

 J.K. Rowling

 L.M. Montgomery


10. Which playwright wrote ‘Waiting for Godot’?

 Harold Pinter

 Tom Stoppard

 Samuel Beckett




1. Douglas Adams 2. Roald Dahl 3. Philip K. Dick 4. Irvine Welsh 5. Michael Moore 6. Boris Pasternak 7. Milan Kundera 8. E.B. White 9. E. Nesbit 10. Samuel Beckett



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