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Zip, the Adventures of a Frisky Fox Terrier by Frances Trego Montgomery (Free Audio Book)


Zip, the Adventures of a Frisky Fox Terrier by Frances Trego Montgomery

Zip, the Adventures of a Frisky Fox Terrier by Frances Trego Montgomery – A free audiobook


Narrated by Lee Ann Howlett

Zip is just your average fox terrier, except he isn’t. Zip and his master Dr. Elsworth live in the rather quiet town of Maplewood but, again, it isn’t exactly as quiet as everyone believes it to be. Every day when the good doctor rides his carriage to check up on his patients around town Zip will be with him tagging along, accompanying the doctor throughout the day. But Zip also has an agenda of his own. Like the doctor, Zip will travel around town checking up on hi other animal friends finding out any news worth telling to his best friend Tabby the cat who also lives with Dr. Elsworth.

However, Zip is a little mischievous and it is not normal for him to have an uneventful ride around town. Zip will often find an adventure everyday whether he is trying to solve a burglary, sneaking food out of a picnic or going head to head with his arch enemy, Perter-Kins the monkey. A day with Zip will always be a whole new fun adventure.

You can listen below (it may take a moment to appear) or download here.




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Paperback – July 12, 2013