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Three Men in a Boat Quiz – Book Quizzes Online


1. On which river did the Three Men in a Boat journey?





2. Complete the book’s full title , ‘Three Men in a Boat to mention nothing of the …’?





3. What did the ‘K’ stand for in Jerome K Jerome’s name?





4. What kind of boat did the three men travel on?





5. Which of the following was NOT one of the Three Men in a Boat?





6. What was the name of the periodical Jerome K Jerome founded in 1892?

 The Idler

 Idle Thoughts

 Idle Fellows


7. Which of these occupations did Jerome K Jerome NOT pursue prior to writing Three Men in a Boat?





8. Which of these was NOT written by Jerome K Jerome?

 Three Men on the Bummel

 Tommy & Co.

 They and We


9. Complete the Jerome K Jerome quote, “It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has…”?

 Plenty of work to do

 Time on one’s hands

 A career to be ducking


10. What was the name of the animal that also went on the trip?






Answers to the Three Men in a Boat Quiz:

1.Thames 2. Dog 3. Klapka 4. Skiff 5. Henry 6. The Idler 7. Solicitor 8. They and We 9. Plenty of work to do 10. Montmorency



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