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Doctor Who: Cuddlesome (Complete adventure) (Free Audio Book)


Doctor Who: Cuddlesome (Complete adventure)

Full, free episode…

This Doctor Who audiobook is comprised of three full episodes and tells the tale of dangerous plague infested toys from the 1980’s. Cuddlesome is one of the creepier Doctor Who adventures out there and is must listen for any Doctor Who aficionados.



The story revolves around the once popular children’s toy from the 80’s called Cuddlesome. These cute little plush toys look like pink hamsters but after years of neglect due to waning public interest they were relegated into dusty all boxes. After years of being ignored these cuddly toys seems to have a change of heart and as a dangerous sickness grips London, it is up to the Doctor to find the cure and stop whatever is spreading the plague which all signs seem to point to the once beloved toy.



Cuddlesome is part of the Fifth Doctor arc and was originally released 2008 but was re-released as a free content on August 3, 2011 and is now available for download in Big Finish’s Sound Cloud.

It uses multiple cast members for various characters as well as music and sound effects that enhance the mood of the scene. While a solo reader can project and draw in the listener, it would take a great deal amount of skill and experience for them to do so. By having a full cast of quality voice actors, Doctor Who: Cuddlesome is able to build a more visible construct of the world their story in based on.

The audiobook is only under an hour long and it fills it with exciting and suspenseful moments. Be sure to grab this when you can if you are a fan of science fiction audiobooks.



Peter Davison (The Doctor), Roberta Taylor (Angela Wisher), Timothy West (Ronald Turvey), David Troughton (The Tinghus), Matthew Noble (John Dixon/New Cuddlesomes), Kate Brown (Miranda Evenden/Cuddlesomes/Dr. Cooper/Vehicle), Nicholas Briggs (Newsreader).
Written By: Nigel Fairs
Directed By: Barnaby Edwards

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