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Doctor Who: Silver Lining (Complete adventure) (Free Audio Book)


Doctor Who: Silver Lining (Complete adventure)

The Silver Lining is an audiobook episode of the eponymous character but the good Doctor will not make an appearance in this audiobook episode. To those who are familiar with the show, this is not that strange as there have been numerous episodes wherein the Doctor is not the focal point of the story but is still centered around his exploits in the background. Silver Lining instead will focus on Bernice Summerfield, an archeologist who has a penchant for getting into trouble. She will be sent to a site where a long dead ancient civilization called Tysir IV is said to have been found. However, shortly after arriving she will quickly discover that declaring this as a dead civilization is a grave exaggeration. Along the way she will meet an unexpected ally in the form of the mysterious Cybermen.



This audiobook episode from Big Finish Production offers the same quality that makes their Doctor Who series such a great audio drama. This time around we only have a cast of 2 but that just helps in turning the story more compact and personal.



Bowerman as Bernice Summerfield really captures the character’s cheekiness while Nicholas Briggs does an impressive performance as two characters, Lynton and The Cyberman. Each voice actor showed their impressive performance by breathing life into characters via their contagious energy. A voice actor who is having fun with their performance will reflect on the finished product and The Silver Lining surely reflects the enthusiasm of everyone involved in this production. Overall, a great Doctor Who story even with the Doctor clearly absent this time around.

Bernice Summerfield – Lisa Bowerman, Lynton – Nicholas Briggs, The Cyberman – Nicholas Briggs
Writer Colin Brake
Director Gary Russell

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