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Doctor Who: U.N.I.T – The Coup (Complete adventure) (Free Audio Book)


Doctor Who: U.N.I.T – The Coup (Complete adventure)

The Coup is a special recording from Big Finish Productions that has Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart as the main character. The story focuses on the Brigadier overseeing the shutting down of U.N.I.T. and handling the public exposure of this division while facing the consequences. This is a big event in the Doctor Who universe as the public will become privy to alien life outside of Earth and the threats that U.N.I.T. have faced in order to protect Earth and its inhabitants from extra terrestrial creatures such as Cybermen, Zygons, Axons and several more dangerous aliens.



While this is once again an episode where the Doctor is not present it certainly has a huge effect in the storyline that will cause ripples in future audiobook episodes concerning The Doctor and his allies as well as foes. This is a great addition the Doctor Who mythos and is an interesting listen as it offers an alternate view of history if such technology and creatures exist.



Nicholas Courtney plays the main protagonist of the story, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and definitely captures the intensity of the character as well as his vulnerabilities that is subtly inserted in pivotal scenes. Each of the voice actors perfectly represents their characters with their performance which they decided to play straight. This is a very interesting Doctor Who audiobook as it shows the events from the eyes of what are usually unknowing bystanders in most Doctor Who storylines.

Nicholas Courtney, Siri O’Neal, Scott Andrews, Matthew Brehner, Sara Carver, Michael Hobbs, Joseph Lidster, Mark Wright
Written By: Simon Guerrier
Directed By: Ian Farrington

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