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Doctor Who: Short Trips – Rise and Fall (Complete adventure) (Free Audio Book)


Doctor Who: Short Trips – Rise and Fall (Complete adventure)

This one episode length story, “Rise and Fall” is part of the Short Trip series. It stars the First Doctor and allies as they travel to an unknown world where even the Doctor is unfamiliar with.



Time is definitely relative and the Doctor will find that out when civilization seems to rise and fall before their eyes at a very rapid pace. Piecing together the puzzle that is the plot is one of the most enjoyable parts of Doctor Who. Clues are placed right in front of you but you will need to look at it from various angles for it to start making a lick of sense.



“Rise and Fall” is a very imaginative Doctor Who episode that is both enjoyable and puzzling. This audiobook was released in November 2010 and is available for download in the Big Finish website.

Rise and Fall by George Mann
Read by William Russell

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